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“How to Protect Yourself From Blood Sucking
Lawyers And Avoid the Coming Financial Bloodbath
The Presidential Election Will Bring…”

The Global Asset Protection Symposium

The upcoming elections in the United States will cost you dearly.  No matter who wins, taxes are certain to increase.  By allowing the “Bush era” tax cuts to expire each party will blame the other for inaction.   But regardless of who is to blame… your taxes will go up.

You stand to lose as much as half your net worth…

If you have assets as little as $1,000,000 these changes will have a huge impact – increasing your taxes by as much as 50%.    Do you really want to let the Uncle Sam take half of everything you’ve worked so hard to earn and save?

And it’s not just higher taxes that are the dangers facing us…

What about protecting what’s rightfully yours from frivolous lawsuits and ambulance chasing lawyers?

The Washington Post recently reported that the majority of Americans now have less than $10,000.  If you’ve saved more than that, unfortunately, you’ve now have a huge bulls eye on your back.

“5 Years in Prison?  But I’m a Good Guy!”

Did you know you now have to report all financial assets overseas? This includes stocks, gold, LLC’s, IBC’s, bank accounts, currency accounts, partnerships, and even that timeshare in Cancun?   Have you completed all the forms correctly?   The penalty for failure to comply is severe… not only are there ludicrous fines but also up to 5 years in jail.

Be smart.  Eliminate the gaps in your tax preparations, reporting, compliance, and asset protection.

If you act now you can reduce your estate taxes by 50%... If you do nothing – you let the government decide what to do with your money.

Whether you decide to do anything or not – The clock is ticking… Your only opportunity to effect change is rapidly vanishing.   December 31, 2012 will come and go and with it – your last and only chance to protect yourself.

“So What’s The Good News?”

There is good news.  And my friend Porter Stansberry describes it this way:  “If can you see the train coming, you can step off the tracks.”

So it really boils down to this; Are you the kind of person who gets things done or do you get run over by trains?

Since you are reading this, my guess is that you are the kind of person who gets things done…  But it’s a thorny thicket of problems that we must address and we must address them quickly.

Where do we look for answers and immediate solutions?

How much time do you need to “step off the tracks” and prepare for this reality?

Is it possible to find these solutions in one place and in a useful format that is actionable in the few short months remaining?

The Answer is…?  Yes!

Attend the upcoming Global Asset Protection Symposium co-sponsored by Caye International Bank, Ltd.

Join us for the 8th annual, (and now most important conference) in Belize this November 7-11, 2012 and be provided with strategic insights needed, not just to step off the tracks, but to move ahead and earn more despite the disruptions happening around us. 

You’ll meet top experts who will design custom tailored solutions, just for you, on the spot.

At the Global Asset Protection Symposium in Belize you’ll learn all about:

  • The HIRE Act – Compliance and Privacy
  • How to utilize banking relationship for the protection and growth of your assets
  • What to look for in an international bank
  • How to use Trusts and IBC’s to safeguard your assets and privacy
  • How to stay compliant with home country tax rules and regulations
  • How to capitalize on demographic and geo-political realities to create incredible opportunities overseas
  • The advantages of foreign residency, citizenship, and retirement
  • How to move offshore and how to get it right the first time
  • How to gain tax-free compounding growth with no income or estate tax at distribution
  • How to own foreign assets inside an IRA
  • And much, much, more…

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A Small Intimate Gathering…

The attendance for this extraordinary event is limited to 40.  This ensures you will be able to sit down and chat with every speaker and expert at the event as well as network with other attendees.

Imagine one-on-one discussions with legal, tax, financial, and trust experts.  On top of that you’ll get to meet with corporate CEOs offering investment opportunities you won’t find elsewhere. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to spend time speaking with these experts about financial solutions tailored specific to your needs.

But don’t hesitate.  This is our 8th annual Symposium and the spots always sell out

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What Is This Event Going To Do For Me?

At this conference you’ll find out all you need to know about the advantages of off-shore banking...what to look for in an international banking international banking can help you preserve and grow your assets, and diversify your portfolio across economies, currencies and asset classes.

You’ll hear from trust agents, asset protection attorneys, financial gurus, macro-economists shedding light on the world economic situation, gold stock analysts, and international gold and currency experts.   You’ll also hear from one of the world’s top authorities, Attorney Joel Nagel, who will cover the HIRE Act in great detail giving you the information and answers you need to prepare yourself as this law continues to implement over the next few months.

Plus learn about how to own foreign assets inside an IRA, investment strategies and unique opportunities, emerging technologies, little-known financial instruments.

For US citizens, a top tax accountant will present on how you can stay compliant with constantly changing, complex new rules and regulations issued incessantly by the IRS.

If you are considering a retirement overseas, or want to own offshore real estate, the one category of offshore asset still not reportable, you’ll enjoy seeing Belize and Ambergris Caye first hand.   Meet and talk with expats who live and work on the island full time.  Get a real feel for what it means to move overseas and discover the secrets that make this lifestyle so attractive.

With a small attendee list and a huge panel of experts you will get all of the advice and strategy you need to create an effective, personal asset protection plan.

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An Impressive Panel of Speakers and Topics

This years’ Global Asset Protection Symposium hosts an impressive line of speakers all to teach, train, and coach you to protect and grow your wealth.

Check out the list of speakers and topics you won’t want to miss:

  • Global Banking: What You Need to Know” by Peter Zipper, President Caye International Bank, Ltd.
  • “Asset Protection for a Dangerous World” by Joel M. Nagel, Esquire, Nagel & Associates, LLC
  • “Tax Considerations for US Citizens Living, Working &Retiring Abroad” by Maurice Glazer, CEO, Glazer Financial Network
  • “Demographic Data Spotlights Latin American Opportunities     Right Now” by Michael K. Cobb, CEO, ECI Development, Ltd.
  • A Worldwide Leading Gold Refiner Enters the Market in Latin America. Golden Products, Golden Storage & Golden Services" by Ralph Girgla, Noble House Group & Valcambi SA
  • The Best Way to Multiply Wealth” by Dr. Ralph Williams, CFO, Search Initiatives
  • Agricultural Production Properties for Yield and a Strong Hedge Against Inflation” by Anthony Archer, Managing Partner, Liquid Investments
  • “The Last Best Loop Hole for Tax Deferred Growth and Investment” by Michael K. Cobb, Director, Karlsberg International Insurance Corporation, Ltd.  
  • Live on Passive Income With No Stock Market Risk” by Louis Petrossi, Founder, Wealth Research Institut
  • “Investment Opportunities in Belize” by Beverly Burke, Director, BELTRAIDE!
  • “Belize Structures & Residency Programs to Protect Your Wealth” by Trevor Bradley, Marketing Director, Georgetown Trust, Ltd.
  • New Taxes Attached to Health Care or Tips for Minimizing      Taxes in 2012 and Beyondby Maurice Glazer , CEO, Glazer Financial Network
  •  “Insurance Medicals” by Karlsberg International Insurance Corporation, Ltd
  • US Capital Controls – Are They Hidden in the New Jobs Bill (H.R.2847)?” by Joel M. Nagel, Esquire, Nagel & Associates, LLC
  • Japanese Government Bond Market… The Next “Big Short?”    by Tres Knippa, Kenai Capital Management
  • Expatriate Lifestyles in Belize” by Kelly German, Director of Tourism, ECI Development, Ltd.
  • Unlock Your Global IRA” by Gregory J. Adams, CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Sheffield Private Wealth
  • “Key Success Factors for Growing Your Business Online”  by Scott Lambert, President & Co-Founder, Xcellimark
  • “The Geo-Arbitrage Strategy” Bobby Casey, Global Wealth Protection
  • "Ten Investment Strategies for Uncertain Times” by Josh VanDyk & Eric St-Cyr, Clover Investment Advisors 
  • “Get Out of Dodge; Owning Inflation Proof Rare Tech Metals Stored in Offshore Vaults for Wealth Preservations and Profit” byKnut Andersen, Sales Manager, Swiss Metal Assets.
  • And More…!

Whew!  That’s 4 days of jam-packed actionable information.  Make no mistake – this event is for serious people.  You know what is coming (Crazy taxation and frivolous litigation).  You know when it’s coming (December 31st!).

This is the last chance to get together and formulate real strategies before the new or current President allows the Government to take what they think they are entitled to – YOUR ASSETS!

Join us on November 7-11th, 2012 in Belize for the Global Asset Protection Symposium and you can rest assured you will be safe.

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Where Is The Event?

We’ll convene on the slender island of Ambergris Caye, Belize, whose white sand beaches, turquoise water and world-renowned coral reef offshore has made it the star of songs and TV reality shows.  You can enjoy snorkeling, fishing, or diving off the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, or head inland after the conference to explore ancient Mayan ruins.

Unrestricted Access

If you’re interested in investing internationally, perhaps owning a second home or even living abroad full-time, you’ve probably been to conferences before.

And you know just how much contact you had with the presenters.

You probably saw them speaking before a crowd of a hundreds... and if you managed to catch a word with them during a break, there were probably many attendees like yourself, sharing the same conversation.

How Much Does This Event Cost?

This event is extremely valuable for its attendees.  With a 2-to-1 attendee to speaker ratio, you are guaranteed one-on-one coaching with multiple speakers.

Normally, for one-on-one coaching with one of these speakers it would run you around $200 per hour!  Multiply that by 20 speakers and you’re already at $4,000.  But let’s not forget all of your meals are included in the ticket price which would probably run you $450 for the 4 days…

We’re not even counting what you would have to pay to hear about some of these private investments, or what it would cost to make these kind of influential connections but let’s run down what you get:

  • Access to the event and all presentations
  • One-on-one coaching with any of the speakers
  • The contact information of all the speakers for future coaching, information or serivces
  • Beach BBQ and Cocktail Party Opening night
  • All meals
  • Lunch Cruise
  • Special events
  • Snorkeling Trip

All of this for only $1399 ($1999 for a double ticket)

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Travel arrangements and accommodation not included in the ticket price.

Hemispheres conferences are different.
Our conferences offer abundant opportunities for one-on-one discussions with legal, tax, financial, and trust experts about financial solutions tailored specific to you.

Of course, we can’t make this level of access available to everyone.  And frankly, unless you’re a serious -- and qualified -- investor, you probably don’t need personal financial advice from international experts.  Or to meet the kind of entrepreneurs offering investments in companies and technologies that are cutting-edge, ahead of the curve, and positioned to make exceptional returns for their investors.

If you’re looking for information you won’t find elsewhere, then you belong with us.

If you do want that kind of access... information... investment opportunity... and personal consultation with international experts -- then join us for the Global Asset Protection Symposium including a Special HIRE ACT Update:  Predictions, Precautions and Preparations for 2013 November 7-11, 2012

Conference held at Exotic Caye Resort on Ambergris Caye, Belize.  Come and prepare for the future.  Conference fees are USD $1399 for one person, USD $1999 for double registration.

Our conference fees are all-inclusive, so once you’re on the island, you don’t have to worry about a thing.  All conference sessions, meals, cocktail parties and special events are included, along with priceless opportunities for one-on-one conversations and consultations with speakers.  Accommodations and travel are extra.

If this kind of small, intimate, insider group is what you’re looking for, just fill out our information and registration request form today.  Our conference coordinator at Exotic Caye Resort will get right back to you with details on registration and accommodations.

We look forward to seeing you in November!

Michael Cobb
Hemispheres Publishing


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